Lighting Supply & MRO

From a basic ordering hotline for local and major accounts to Customized programs for National Accounts, you can get programs that offer the folowing:

(Note this specific service is now handled via a qualified Trade Ally of your choice me for details as I am not transacting products directly; however I can consult with you on best ways to handle it. Consider the info below as a guide to proceed with a Trade Ally. Better yet, upgrade your space and you will need fewer or no more lamps and ballasts) 


1) Lighting Supply and Sourcing at great pricing
2) Product Qualification & Vetting
3) Competitive Pricing, Best National Brands & Second Tier
4) Regional Major and National Account Programs (see below)
5) Live Customer Service and Assistance
6) Technical and Product Application Support
7) National Distribution…any location within 3 days
8) Online Ordering / Ordering Forms, & Custom Websites Available

Regional and National Account Programs:
Get your Top 5 Lighting Items Priced Out for you and Start Saving Today! 

1) New Store & Remodel Lighting Fixture Rollout Programs
2) LED Upgrade Rollout Programs
3) Supply and Service Programs Coast to Coast
4) Customized Web Based Online Ordering
5) Value Engineering for Lamp, Fixture, and Control Packages

Want to Lower Your Lighting Material and Sourcing Costs?  Studies have shown one invoice can cost as much as $25 to process, and that is just part of the associated purchasing costs. Consider the below 8 questions:

  1. Are you ordering lighting supplies from more than one source?
  2. Do you have multi-site and or multi-state locations?
  3. Do you have a common platform to place orders and get centralized pricing and billing?
  4. Do you have a transition plan to change to LED?
  5. How are you ensuring usage uniformity to all your sites?
  6. Are you taking advantage of quantity discounts and a National or Major Account?
  7. Are you using rebates to help offset your costs?
  8. Can you access all the major brands plus specialty lines to get exactly what you need?

Get help to select the best products, get the best prices, and set up an easy, customized ordering process for you.  Start by giving me a call to have a phone consultation or if your needs are simple, fill out the below form and send it back to me.

Studies have proven your Top 5 Lighting items represent over 74% of your lighting usage for fixtures, lamps, ballasts, etc. Simply
fill out the below form for your custom quote as well as recommendation.

Your quote will include the item you are using now as well as a recommendation (if any) on how to save energy, advance to LED, or other improvements. you can use this form for fixtures, lamps, or any other lighting requirement.  Please include all information so we can promptly reply to you: 

Please price these Top 5 Items for Me

  • Please include: Item Name, Comment, Brand Or Presence, Description, and Annual Quantity
    Please check off 1 or 2

That’s it you won’t an easier way to order your lighting…fast, easy, at great prices and with free delivery.  Most importantly, you can speak with friendly, knowledgeable lighting customer service reps who can help you find what you want, answer questions, expedite, orders, etc…. Give it a try!