Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can help make a good lighting project much better with additional savings and options for end users.

Companies of all types are switching to LED lighting and you can maximize savings with lighting controls. With controls you can harness the power of the Internet (IOT) and take advantage of valuable data to optimize your savings and building use management. Many of these new advanced lighting control options are now mandatory to new codes and standards. New codes like Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, and others are making controls the new standard in new construction and even in some lighting upgrades.

Smart Lighting Solutions provide valuable insights about your buildings which can improve your business and provide numerous benefits including Energy Reduction, HVAC Management, Reporting, Internet of Things (IOT), and your Building Security.

Lighting controls vary state by state. Contact me so I can help you navigate the lighting control options that are specific to your business and location.

Lighting Control Products and Solutions:

1) Motion, Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors: There is no better savings than turning the lights off when they are not needed. While one of the most basic and simple ways to save energy, sensors are an easy and proven way to get increased energy savings and LED systems work ideally with them.
2) Dimming: New LED fixtures make it easy to use the right amount of light and dim the lights down a little or all the way down as low as 5% in some cases.
3) Task Tuning and Time of Day Control: Adjust lighting levels to specific tasks at hand and or incorporate space by space schedules for optimum energy savings.
4) People and Asset Tracking: From Hospitals and Airports to Retail Stores, Customers are finding more and more ways to track people, assets, and space usage for astounding benefits far beyond energy savings. You can highly impact rental / leasing costs, sales, as safety / security by taking advantage of this data.
5) Daylight Harvesting: Take advantage of Daylight coming in from windows and other natural light and then selected fixtures can be be dimmed down accordingly.
6) Energy Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor individual areas or whole buildings and get full reporting on energy usage to better identify and control costs.
7) Start up and Initial Commissioning: All systems are set up as customer desires and initial programming and start is included with our in-house team.

Contact me to find out how lighting controls can help in your space and for more information as well as case studies of how other companies are using them. Take advantage of  knowledge and experience to help you achieve maximum operational efficiency. View some of the available control companies on the manufacturer’s page.