Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and the benefits it provides is now at the forefront of many lighting designers.

Lighting advancements with LED have expanded the capabilities to dim and tune color temperature or Kelvin temperature. By paying attention to lighting, spaces, and the circadian rhythm of people, lighting can have dramatic affects on mood, visual sharpness, and productivity.

I have been working with major retailers for years helping to them to use halogen and fluorescent lighting to positively impact merchandising and their spaces. Now with LED’s we have capabilities to do this more easily and change all the details at a moments notice. By improving the visual conditions and lighting atmospheres deemed to be appropriate for the task and time of day, we can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, motivation, and performance.

Using the proper or higher kelvin temperatures to treat people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has proven highly effective to help them cope with their disorder and improve their mood and behavior. By fine tuning light to our natural circadian rhythm we can boost heath and well-being.
This use and capability of color tuning is major breakthrough and can have impact performance on the sports field, office, classroom, restaurants, and retail stores. Some of ways we can help customers with these applications are:

1) Proper fixture and lamp color temperature
2) Color Tuning fixtures and Dimming
3) Matching Lighting Controls for Color Tuning

Contact me to learn more about HCL and how it can benefit your business through the spaces you use and operate. I have several manufacturers such as Eaton, Finelite, Green Creative, Visa and many more that offer equipment to perform these important functions.