Keeping the light on in an electrified society – Texas is the tip of the iceberg

Keeping the light on in an electrified society – Texas is the tip of the iceberg

by David Cherney         Source : Forbes Magazine


Interesting article about how Texas is dealing with rolling power outages.  This is an important issue which could affect all of us down the road.  Read the article at:



Source: EC& M Magazine             March 11, 2020      by: Randy Young, of Briteswitch  (Image above DLC)

Read about the biggest rebate trends for 2020 according to Randy Young of Briteswitch. The article presents a great summary of what is happening with rebates across the country. See more at

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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Lighting Upgrade

Source: Buildings Magazine     3.12.2020        by Janelle Penny

Here is a good article to read when considering or planning a lighting upgrade. The author reviews 5 topics to consider to help you ensure you achieve the lighting system you need, your equipment is compatible, when not to value engineer and tips on choosing the right manufacturers.  Check it out here:

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Shoule We Be More Optimistic About Climate Change?

Shoule We Be More Optimistic About Climate Change?

There are two stories about climate change. The first is the one you hear the most; that if we don’t dramatically curb greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade, there will be dire consequences to our health and way of life. The second story is about optimism. It’s about how innovations large and small are helping us to mitigate these dangers and transform our economy and our lives.

Both stories are true. But the second one is rarely told. It’s also the reason why we believe that reining in climate change is possible. As doctors and entrepreneurs, we have witnessed the extraordinary capacity that people have to surmount challenges and maintain hope in the most difficult circumstances. Alice is the former Executive Director of Doctors for America and has practiced medicine in California and Washington, DC. Vivek, before serving as the 19th Surgeon General of the United States, co-founded a clinical trial optimization company and two organizations focused on improving health in India. From health care’s frontlines, we’ve witnessed the catastrophic costs of climate change, and have seen the public and private sectors– to varying degrees– respond. It is why we are both increasingly worried, and increasingly optimistic. And why we want you to be, too.

Diagnosis: Climate Change

When we think about the major health challenges facing the world, we tend to think about mental illness, violence, malnutrition, and chronic illnesses like heart and lung diseases. Read the full article at

Comments by Ralph: Great article about climate change and a must-read if you have any doubts about ti being real as well as what we can do about it.  Every little bit helps and by working together we can win the war against climate change. 

How LED Lights are Revolutionizing Our Homes, Neighborhoods, and Roads

How LED Lights are Revolutionizing Our Homes, Neighborhoods, and Roads

Source: WBUR News    Date: 6.29.19

By: Francesca Paris produced this interview and edited it for broadcast with Kathleen McKenna. Serena McMahon adapted it for the web. 

When you are purchasing lighting these days and you choose LED,  the reasons might be energy savings, longer life, environmental, or even because that is what is on the shelf.  It’s definitely caused a revolution; however, many are just starting to see the many benefits beyond the most obvious. The below article and interview summary have some good additional reasons ….

We are in the midst of a lighting revolution.

The past decade has seen LED light usage soar in the U.S. as traditional incandescent bulbs went into the trash bin.

In 2010, incandescents were 68% of the bulbs installed in U.S. homes. By 2016, that number had declined to 6%.

That change has shaken up the industry in a good way. Mark Rea, professor at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, tells Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson that the benefits of LED lights “really make it kind of a slam dunk for a transformation in the way light sources are sold.”

He says those benefits include how many lumens per watt LED lights provide, long-lasting capabilities, ease of control, their glow and the ability to have multiple color options.

Interview Highlights

On the benefits of LED lights

“I think there are two touted benefits. One is how many lumens per watt you get out of it. So an incandescent lamp might be 12 to 15 lumens per watt, and depending on the LED you might get 100 lumens per watt. So that’s a big jump. And the other is longer life. That depends on the application, but generally speaking incandescent lamp might last, say, six months in your home. These can last up to 10 years. So those are really big differences but there are other benefits that people don’t talk so much about. They’re easy to control. So you can do some fancy stuff with them whether you put them on a bridge or you want to have a disco. There’s no filtering that you have to do. It will directly emit the wavelengths you want so you can have a red one or a blue one or a white one.”

On LED lights’ effects on the lighting industry

“People hate change. That’s the first thing. I don’t think anybody anticipated what a disruptive technology [this] was really going to be. For 100 years, we’ve had just a handful of major manufacturers and they pretty well set the standards [and] the policy. And the reason was it was very expensive to try to be in that business. It took a huge capital expense that no one wanted to commit to, to say produce fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps. With LEDs, they’re cheap and anybody can be a lighting manufacturer now. So it’s really brought down … these major players that really set the tone for ….read more at