Source: Industry Today   1.24.19     By Luis Ramirez of Dialight

Comments:  Article adapted and condensed. Good article covering how LED fixtures are the perfect IOT backbone to reap not only savings but many other features to enhance productivity. Read more and full article link is below.

Industrial LED lighting has already proven to be a more energy efficient, low-maintenance lighting solution that out-performs and outlasts conventional lighting, especially in harsh industrial environments. By lowering energy use as much as 90 percent compared to legacy systems[1], LED systems help companies save thousands of dollars each year in electricity costs alone. And, with some of the most advanced models warranted to last a full 10 years, the reduced maintenance demand adds thousands more to the return on investment.

In addition to these bottom-line savings, smart industrial LEDs also have tremendous potential to offer broader benefits that impact production efficiency, sustainability and other metrics that can optimize overall facility performance both today and in the future. Here are just a few ways these fixtures of the future will enhance industrial performance.

  1. Industrial LED fixtures provide a backbone for IIoT. Adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology is steadily growing across virtually every sector.
  2. Industrial LEDs enhance sustainability. As the energy efficiency of industrial LED lighting systems improves, the impact of reduced pollution output contributes directly toward more sustainable operations.
  3. Industrial LED fixtures will get better and cheaper. Conventional lighting systems haven’t seen a substantial technological improvement in a generation. The market has essentially stagnated when it comes to innovation, in large part because conventional HID systems like high-pressure sodium are plagued by delicate components and high heat output that cause frequent failures. As these performance enhancements evolve and LED lighting becomes more entrenched in industrial settings, the technology will become more affordable, making it accessible to a wider range of companies. You can read the full article at 

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