Phoenix Lite

Single Phase, Indoor,
Standby Emergency Lighting Inverter
575 to 1050 Watt

Phoenix Lite series – the cost-effective inverter system that’s quick and easy to install.

FYI, As a recap, A lighting inverter converts DC battery power to standard AC voltages to provide back-up for lighting systems in the event of an emergency. Some inverters also provide continuous, filtered power for many styles of lighting and are often referred to as a “UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for emergency lighting. Inverters are getting popular for use with LED lighting and can be used to power your designated emergency lights.

The Phoenix Lite series is a single phase, standby, solid-state inverter system utilizing DSP/PWM technology. The unit packs all the necessary options and is quickly and simply installed. The Phoenix Lite is designed to function in conjunction with the existing building electrical system to provide high-quality surge suppression, power conditioning, backup power protection and distribution for lighting loads and other critical loads.

See Spec sheet and contact me for pricing here on the site. Installation may be available as well. Contact me for details.

phoenix_lite inverter spec sheet