This TITANIUM LED SERIES PAR30 HO from Green Creative has been designed and engineered for demanding commercial applications and runs on universal voltage 120-277V. At just 19.5W, this LED lamp replaces a 250W halogen or 39W CMH. The lamp emits 1800 lumens in warm white with 8160 candela. This is a great lamp for retailers and other track / recessed lighting users who have CMH PAR30 lamps.  Big savings are possible. Simply install this retrofit solution in your existing fixture and turn ON the savings.

  • Replace up to 250-watt halogen or 39 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide with only 19.5 watts
  • Universal Voltage 120-277; Existing ballast is bypassed
  • Powerful light output at 1800 lumens
  • great color and warm or cool
  • UL listed

Click for the spec sheet; Turnkey Installation and ballast bypass is available; we can also check for available rebates.  Contact me at 267-370-1442. for more information and pricing. 

GC 19.5PAR30HO120-277 LED Spec Sheet