Source: St. Louis Dispatch    Dec 4th 2018

Comment.: There are positive news and testimonials about the benefits of LED everywhere. Here is another one and a great photo of LED in action. Want helpful recommendations, great pricing, and a service arm as well for all your buildings? Feel free to contact me if you do at ralph,


My bet is that we have up to 500 million table and floor lamps in the U.S. with three-way incandescent 50-100-150-watt bulbs. The Department of Energy hasn’t banned manufacture or import of the old-style bulbs because suitable LED replacements have just recently become readily and economically available online and in some stores. The cost is about $13 each, less with mail-in rebates. And yes, if you want a 150-watt equivalent dimmable or single-wattage bulb, they’re on the shelf now, too.

What does the buyer get? A lamp with 25 times the life, one-sixth of the electrical cost, and far less heat output to ruin lampshades and overwork your air conditioning system.
Is this good for our environment? Lighting has been thought to account for 20 percent of our power usage, and therefore a significant contributor to global warming. Add that overworked air conditioning load and we have a compelling reason to buy LED bulbs. Reap the benefits and tell your friends.
Bob Hutton  Chesterfield