Well, one thing for sure is that Lighting Industry players are facing dynamic changes and a disruptive market as they tranistion and adopt to LED.  Read a new story hot off the press about Global Tech LED, a LED retrofit parts and limited fixture supplier.

“One of our sources indicated that something was going on with Global Tech LED and perhaps they were sold to a company based in India. We called the number listed on the Global Tech website, 877-748-5533 and received a recording that the number had been disconnected or is no longer in service, Goodbye.  Global Tech LED is based in Bonita Springs, Florida and offers retrofit products as well as wall-packs, high bay, canopy, roadway, and various other type luminaires.

We reached out to Gary Mart, who is listed as the CEO on the website, and asked about the rumor. His response, “nothing has been finalized how can I help you.” We asked a few follow-up questions but have not had a response.

We spoke to a former Global Tech LED rep who said he had received a letter from an attorney requesting any proof of claims.  In addition, we reached out to a former supplier who said,  “The company was in receivership and they owed a lot of people a lot of money.”